Friday, 3 April 2009

Foghorn TV - Coming Up

Some highlights from the schedules:

Silver Service – He's a butler, He's a cop. He's John Silver. Fighting crime undercover in the stately homes of England and organising the silverware and drinks trolley too. This episode “Quicksilver” - there's a secret hidden away in the basement, but dinner has to be served. Can he do it in time?

Cole's Law – The world of shredded, mayonnaise based salads is blown open by retired lawyer John Cole. Retiring disgraced from the bar, John Cole finds employment in a food factory, but soon finds himself entangled in the murky world of EU directives and the legal requirements governing carrot to cabbage ratios.

Down & Out – Everyone's favourite wacky tramp detectives return for their sixth series! John Down and Bob Out don't just sleep rough, they fight rough too. The first episode, In and Out, features Dervla Kirwan as WPC Anne Inn – will she and Bob get together?

FILM Our movie this week is the 1968 classic satire on big business, Warts & All. Bill Schwartz runs Globe-Co Inc. while Henry Hall is a lowly janitor. When Schwartz's supercomputer 'Predictatron 2000' goes wrong, their positions are swapped and all hell breaks loose!

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  1. Wow! I can't wait to see these.

    Is there any truth in the speculation that 'Down & Out' are planning a Christmas Special set in Saudi Arabia, also featuring WPC Inn?
    I'd heard a rumour that it would be called 'Inn, Out and Sheikh It'Allabout'.