Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Christmas is approaching and we at Foghorn Publishing thought you might like to know about some of the fun christmas books we’re publishing. Any of these titles would make a perfect gift for a husband, uncle or friend of the family. Even ‘women’ can read them too - thanks to our unique no-slip double-strength dust covers, in a range of attractive shades! No more cake mix, make up or gravy powder on your favourite titles, gents!

The Tiny Arms of Seigfried Velodrome

Carl Brah

Brah’s latest historical offering tells of the discovery of a set of miniature pistols in the Seigfried Farnon memorial velodrome in Thirsk. Brah’s greatest creation, the historio-physicist, Nigel Lahst, discovers they belonged to none other than the legendary pirate, Blue Peter. Does his ghost still haunt the wheels of anyone who dares ride their bicycle round and round a slopy oval? Two deaths, a series of broken chains and a load of dubloons lead the way to the truth...

“Believe me, I never get into bed without a Brah. Hello.” Mark Lawson, Front Row, Gaumont Cinema, Stepney

Mitchell and Webb’s Road Trip

Designer of the spitfire, Reginald Mitchell and composer of “Galveston” and “Macarthur Park”, Jimmy Webb team up for this hilarious once-in-a-lifetime road trip around the castles and follies of Great Britain. Told in extracts from their diaries it offers an enlightening and sometimes touching story of two men who were worlds apart being drawn together by their shared love of Crenellated battlements.

Foreword by Bill Black and Carol Decker

Jimmy Carr Jimmies Cars

There’s nothing more hilarious than being shown how to wrench open a car door, except being shown how to wrench open a car door by funny-man and presenter of 8 out of 10 Cats, Jimmy Carr.

A Joke A Day Calendar 2010

Why not brighten up your day at work with this hilarious calendar. Every day features a joke or slogan guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

January 23rd “An apple a day... makes you fed up of apples!!!”

March 19th “Man: Doctor, Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains! Doctor: You look like one too, you flappy fabric git!!!”

September 28th “If you’re down and feeling blue, here’s a thing for you to do, think of friends and family too, and then you will be smiling too!!!”

The PERFECT gift for your husband, wife or chief police officer! Features selections of the funniest animal pictures we could find!

“Undeniably the finest calendar in the universe!!!” Exclamation Mark Monthly

Ted Hankey’s Ted Hankies

There’s nothing more hilarious than being shown how to sew a handkerchief for your teddy bear, except being shown how to sew a handkerchief for your teddy bear by darts legend and 2009 BDO Winner, Ted “The Count” Hankey.


The dark romantic tale of teenage vampires, set in the world of a publishing house with a very bad proof-reading department.

* If you are interested in any of the above titles, please contact Foghorn Publishing, PO Box 123456789, 10, 11, 12, Keynsham, stating your choice of title, shoe size, wasp-to-lamp ratio and national insurance number. Please note, only 3 copies of the Joke-A-Day calendar available per customer.

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