Wednesday, 4 August 2010

His Master's Foghorn - DVD Reissues

Coming soon to DVD! The reissue of the smash hit comedy of 1962, “Hitler in the Soup!”

The film, a follow up to “Hitler at Large” (1959) and “Hitler on the Ocean Wave” (1960), continues the story of the wacky ex-Fuhrer and his exploits as he tries to hide from the authorities by disguising himself as a country vet! After narrowly escaping from engagement to Lady Brown-Furrowes, Hitler takes up residence at a Vet’s practice in the little village of Knackers-on-Sea, Devon. With the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail to help him, he soon finds himself in the media spotlight as the “Miracle Vet” – surely nothing can go wrong now!

Also available as a 2 DVD set with "Hitler Undercover" (1964), where the zany Autocrat accidentally finds himself working for the British Secret Service and gets assigned to investigate a far right group in Berlin. Will he be able to complete it without either side spotting who he is?

Also coming soon, for the first time on DVD, His Master's Foghorn are proud to announce the re-release of the groundbreaking 1950s American sitcom 'Hi Honey, I'm Drunk!'.

For Walton Limburger, life as one of Kentucky's leading shoe sales executives is nothing more than a tedious grind. Until, that is, he discovers the wonders of chronic alcoholism! Walton's life and work are magically transformed into non-stop cavalcade of fun. But, uh-oh, there's trouble on the horizon! How did Walton lose his trousers on the way home from work? Did he really win that golden retriever in a raffle? And how did his wife Annie end up with those bruises on her face? Laugh as Walton gets himself into one hilarious situation after another, and laugh again as he tries to get out of them!

Also includes the 1959 feature length special "Hi Honey, I'm Hawaii!" Walton takes a well earned break from work on the tropical island of Hawaii. With two weeks on an all-inclusive break at the Hotel Boozola, surely nothing can go wrong for Walton???!"

Bammo (1983)

The Stanhopes are a typical family of small town midwest American suburbanites, but their life is turned upside down when an extra-terrestrial being ("Bammo") lands in their garden and is taken in by the family. Can the Stanhope's teach Bammo what it means to be human before he returns home, or will Bammo's naive innocence teach them more about themselves?

There's a problem though - Bammo's voracious sexual appetite meaning neither man nor beast are safe, combined with a mating ritual that involves biting the legs off anything Bammo mates with and covering it in a thick green mucous could spell disaster. Can the Stanhope's help Bammo return home before Grandpa gets an unwelcome surprise?

"You'll laugh, then you'll cry, then you'll be sick. Repeatedly."
Hugo Fassbinder, Daily Telegraph

"Not the film I was expecting to see at all. My family now need counselling. Cheers Warner Brothers"

Archie Gridlock, Evening Standard

"Horrible. Really, really horrible"
Marjorie St. Trees, Camping and Caravanning Monthly

Lizards ‘Pon the Omnibus (1946)

A thrilling romp from Ealing Studios. It is 1853 and John Mills is being taken to the Old Bailey to stand trial for the crime of Pig Watching Without A Licence or Warrant. Due to a lack of fresh horses he is forced to travel on the Holborn omnibus with his gaoler, Alec Guinness. A sack full of Lizards, newly imported from Madagascar, comes loose on the omnibus luggage rack and there is a vile scurrying of beasts, causing several ladies to faint and the driver (Stanley Holloway) to lose control of the vehicle, plunging it into the Thames.

Winner of ALL ACADEMY AWARDS in 1946.

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