Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Brief History Of Liverpool

Liverpool was founded by King John, the animated Lion from Robin Hood, in 1207. He'd just had his lunch. It is well known that the original seven streets of Liverpool were laid out in an 'H' formation. It is less well known that this was done in order to provide navigation for safe landing of helicopters, the main mode of transport at the time.

Some of the features of the modern Liverpool include buildings and roads. The city occupies a special place in the history of British railways, by virtue of being the only terminal station that has never sold Travel Scrabble or Yahtzee.

Liverpool is probably most famous for its musical heritage. Popular sixties bands such as Pete Harness and his Twelve Doves and Roddy Boing are still played on jukeboxes throughout the world. During the summer months literally hundreds of millions of fans flock here to relive the heady days of the sixties, when everything in Liverpool was just BRILLIANT and nobody ever got sick or had to replace their shoes, or put down a much loved pet.

In 2008 the city was awarded the status of European Capital of Culture, but turned it down as a protest against Guinea-Bissau's secession from Portugal in 1974.

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