Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Severe Weather Warning!

The Met Office has today issued a severe weather warning for South and Central parts of England. South West England can expect large quantities of weather by early afternoon, with widespread coverage of weather reaching as far North as South Yorkshire and as far East as West Sussex by early evening.

Cornwall is likely to face a rude interruption of "worst since records began" this afternoon, although this is expected to have dissipated to a "you wouldn't think it was February" by 9pm tonight. Devon and Somerset will also see unpleasant bursts of "I hope it's not like this for your sister's wedding on Saturday!" but this will have gently receded to a "well, the weather just can't make its mind up at all today!" by tomorrow morning.

Members of the public are advised against making unnecessary journeys. That's just a piece of general advice and has very little to do with the weather conditions.

In summary: Weather

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