Monday, 26 January 2009

Product Review

"80 Thick Baby Wipes" I consider this to be an unfair and, at best, an overly specific product. I mean, babies aren't really thick, are they? They've just not learned much yet.

For example, take a baby to a pub quiz. They'll probably just dribble a lot, put their hands in your bitter and fall asleep. Even the easiest general knowledge question will baffle them, although they will probably be able to come up with a better team name than most competitors. HOWEVER - leave that same baby to grow, pass successfully through a schooling system, read books independently, watch the news and show an interest in a broad range of subjects and, within 30 years, that same baby will be able to successfully participate in the pub quiz, provide answers and possibly take home up to six, yes, SIX pounds in winnings.

It's these things that the manufacturers of the product never consider. I'll give it 2 stars.

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