Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Limited Time Offer For Lovers of Sixties Sounds!

Hey? Do you remember the sixties? No? Well, then, you were probably there! Ha ha. But even if you weren’t you’ll love this collection of timeless classics from Foghorn Records. All digitally remastered from exquisitely reproduced and faithful re-recordings featuring all, some or none of the original musicians, these gems will transport you back to a different age – a time of flower children, “Peace-Power” and, of course those “Swinging” London Miniature Skirts!

But why would you trust me? Well, I’m Pete Harness and you’ll probably remember me from my hits with my band, the Twelve Doves. Remember “Catch A Train To Tap-Town”? I’m awful proud of that one and it features on this CD, with an all new vocal from me that brings this classic back to life in an all new way!

Here are just some of the choice “cuts” on this “far-out”, “grooving” and “hip-happening” CD collection:

Pete Harness & his Twelve Doves - Catch a Train To Tap-Town
Roddy Boing - Don’t Disturb Me!
The New Dinosaurs - She's Alright (But I've Had Better)
Candy Pellets - I Dream A Dream of Dreamy Dreams
Hallelujah Ape! - Warts & All (Theme)
The Threefour Five - Branch Line Love (Preview video below!)

Carnaby Rudge -Heavy Dosage
General Addlesham & The Hour Of The Marzipan Clocks - Grandad's Pyschedelic Trip On The Omnibus Of The Third Eye
Incense-tuous - Peppermint Fingers
Time Loop - Cycling Backwards Round Cadogan Square
The Awakening - (Everyone's Invited To) The Whitstable Sit-In

Order now and we’ll also send
you “Pete Harness Sings Songs That Singers Sang” – a collection of my personal favourite musical moments, captured for you in all new digital recordings, and backed up by some of the hottest young musicians around, featuring all new modern “Classics” such as my heart-breaking cover of country classic, “Pedalo On The Decking” by Johnny Wasp and “Don’t” by MC Satchel and the Breadwinners.

Don’t delay – ‘phone today! Or better still, e-mail us – hey, it’s not the Sixties anymore, y’know!

Love and Peace

Pete Harness

(Mr Harness appears courtesy of Foghorn records, when we decide to up his dosage and let him out of his cell.)


  1. Where are my royalties, you cheeky blighters?

  2. Foghorn records did try and make every effort to contact the original artists before releasing this compilation, but we were led to believe that Carnaby Rudge tragically died in 1975 when an attempt to levitate above the tracks at Turnham Green tube station met with predictably grisly consequences. Is that not the case?
    If you are the real Carnaby Rudge, please send us your birth certificate, shoe size and an explanation of your movements between 1969 and 1971 when you went missing after receiving a large advance from Foghorn Records and we'll be happy to pay you any royalties owed.

  3. Carnaby Rudge Impersonator20 August 2009 at 17:51


    Another cunning, money-making scheme scuppered by those wily folk at British Foghorn.