Friday, 20 January 2012

British Foghorn Toys

From our new range of action figures

Leonard Rossiter

Three different models! Let your kids pick their favourite Rossiter! Better yet, buy all three and let them work out finally, who is the greatest of Leonard’s creations.

· Rupert Rigbsy – comes complete with ‘Vienna’, his lovable feline companion and interchangeable cardigans.

· Dr Andrei Smyslov – the zany Russian scientist from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Pull the string and this fully-poseable figure speaks some of his wacky catchphrases, “A serious epidemic has broken out at Clavius!”

· Reginald Perrin – Comes with fully removable clothes, for when Reggie wants to go for that ‘special swim’! Optional accessories include: The Martin Wellbourne outfit. A Hippopotamus. A selection of novelties from ‘Grot’.

Yes! Kids will love seeing who can most effectively portray a creeping sense of self-doubt or futuristic suspicion of governmental cover-ups!

Also coming to soon to Foghorn Toys:

· Callaghan Cabinet action figures: For the first time you can now collect the full range of Jim Callaghan’s 1979 Cabinet ministers! Listen to Jim’s crazy catchphrase, “Crisis, What Crisis?”, and then watch his expression change to beleaguered as you go on strike! Comb Denis Healey’s real-hair eyebrows! Frighten your friends with the Tony Benn doll, complete with real wobbly hand arm gestures!

WARNING: Tony Benn doll may overheat and explode if “manic arms” function is left switched on for more than ten minutes.

Currently unavailable due to excessive demand: Harold Lever (Chancellor Of The Duchy Of Lancaster (1976-1979))

And as part of our range of board games:

· Porridge: The Movie: The Board Game : Board game based on the movie based on the TV series of ‘Porridge’. Trade snout to build up points – the more points you gain, the more celebrities you can attract for the prisoners vs. celebrities football match! Then, after Gordon Kaye takes you hostage, the race is on to break back into Slade prison! Who’ll be the first to get back in? But uh-oh, make sure that Mackay doesn’t spot you’re gone, otherwise it’s game over! Comes complete with ‘activity cards’ ( ‘Can you hide Godper’s tin of cling peaches?’ ) and ‘catchphrase cards’ featuring all your favourite phrases (like “Naff off Barraclough, I’m trying to have a w*nk!”)

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